Kwasi's Video Archive

Watch performances from Kwasi's video archive.
These were transferred from VHS tapes (remember them?) so the video quality is a bit fuzzy.

University of Virginia Concert (87:21)
Kwasi Dunyo leads the Agbekor Society drummers and dancers at the University of Virginia in a performance May 2, 1997. Pieces performed include Gahu and Atsiagbekor.
Akpokli Concert (89:28)
Kwasi performs with Rory Magill and Kathy Armstrong and the Akpokli Drum and Dance Society at the First Unitarian Congregation in Ottawa on December 5, 1997. Among the pieces performed are Bobobo, Atsiagbekor (slow and fast versions) and Tokoe. Singers from the First Unitarian Congregation also performed.
BamBoo Club (112:34)
The Flaming Donos led by Kwasi Dunyo perform at Toronto's legendary BamBoo Club on January 26, 2000. Among the pieces performed are Tokoe, Bobobo and Kinka.
Music Gallery Concert (9:15)
Kekeli Drum and Dance Ensemble led by Kwasi Dunyo performs Gahu at the Music Gallery in Toronto in 2001.
Children's Workshop (1:13)
Conclusion of a children's workshop led by Kwasi Dunyo at the Music Gallery in 2001. In a single workshop Kwasi teaches kids of all ages to perform a concluding piece.
Humberwood Downs Concert (14:58)
Kwasi's leads students in a final concert at Humberwood Downs Junior Middle Academy in Toronto in 2002. They perform an adaption of Kpanlogo.