Frederick Kwasi Dunyo

What they are saying...

The parents and students at Tom Thomson P.S. are still very excited about your time with us! Learning how to play your instruments was thrilling for everyone. Your musical expertise and skill in teaching were evident from the first moment. You taught the children a great deal, in small steps. The parents and teachers were very impressed by what had been accomplished in so short a time! The students felt very proud of their instrument playing, singing and dancing.

This was a wonderful cultural event for us. The wearing of traditional clothing, the dancing, the singing and the chanting as well as the principles for success which you shared with the students, all of it was organized to give a real flavour of music and life in Ghana. The classes were developed to catch the students' interest, with lots of different activities during their time with you, to keep them motivated! Even the most difficult students were fully involved, and cooperative. The entire school was keen for their turn with you, to learn more. The parents and teachers felt comfortable working with you, and loved it when they also were given a chance to play!

Your five days with us was a great experience for the entire school! The students have been enthusiastic about writing thank you letters, and newspaper articles about your time with them. I have included some of the best written work with photographs so that you will remember what we look like! We hope that they "make you very happy"!

 — Susan McKay, Music Teacher, Tom Thomson Public School, Burlington, Ont. (Jan. 21, 2004)

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