Frederick Kwasi Dunyo

What they are saying...

Thank you so very much for your classes for the past years.

You have been an inspiration to me since my first year in university - and can you believe it I am already graduating this year (unless you fail me, then you will see me for another year!). I can't believe it's already been four years. I remember in first year, I thought our class was so very hard. I didn't understand it at all - I didn't know how the patterns fit into each other. Even GAHU was the hardest thing in the world. Then in second year it was much easier and I was so glad to go to Ghana with you and Trish. It is one of my favourite and most memorable experiences I had in my life. I still refer to this trip to this very day. Thank you for sharing your music, your wisdom, your joys with me. I hope we will still keep in touch, keep our gahu alive, and maybe once in a while cook together and eat some food. I will definitely miss being in your classes (I've been going once a week for four years for goodness' sake!), and I'll miss you especially.

Hope you too see you soon! Don't forget me! Akpe (did I spell this right? I mean to say thank you)

With all my love,
your dear one,

 — Mandy Lau, University of Toronto (March 22, 2006)

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