Frederick Kwasi Dunyo

What they are saying...

From the 2011-2012 course evaluation of Kwasi Dunyo, Instructor, Faculty of Music, University of Toronto:

Instructor rating (highest score is 1, lowest is 7): 1.4
Average instructor rating for ensemble courses: 1.63

  • Kwasi is an excellent teacher! He instills confidence and believes in each and every student. This course is challenging but excellent. Very useful approach to music. We love Kwasi!
  • Never met a more enthusiastic teacher.
  • I love this class! I have learned a lot. My sense of rhythm improved significantly this school year and I have found a passion for dance.
  • Thank you! I hope to incorporate what I learned into my own music classroom one day.
  • Amazing class! Best prof! So motivating! Love it!!!
  •  — University of Toronto Faculty of Music Course Evaluation, PMU264Y World Music Ensemble: African Drumming and Dancing, 2011-2012

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